June 14, 2011



Planetworker: What, sir, do you mean by, “Brute Force, changing the world one venue at a time.”?

Brute Force: When I entertain I begin with an Existential Yoga position, The Doggie Surrender Pose. The Doggie Surrender Pose is a performance piece which brings into the mind: Yoga, Animal, Surrender, in the frame of comedy.  Yoga is introduced. It is the joining of Spirit and Mind. Just the mention of the word, “Yoga” is a benefit to the audience member who may never have known about Yoga. Yoga is a wonderful way to attune the mind and body to consciousness. Next, “Animal”.  . The human being has been in an age old struggle to understand our animal nature. How does this ancient animal nature influence our life as in agressive behaviour?  And, “Surrender”. To what can we surrender, to what do we need to surrender?

Planetworker: Do you mean political surrender, as in a war?

Brute Force: No. The surrender needed is surrender to our limited stay on this planet, physically, and surrender to the limitless iniverse. The body and mind are part of a limitless system.   So we have nothing to say about the limit and the limilessness, the limit of our body and the limitlessness of the universe. Our surrender, then, is complete surrender in that we have nothing to say about those phenomenon. We can, however, study the connection between the mind and the universe.

The Doggie Surrender Pose brings to the mind the seeds of these thoughts. Opens the mind. Helps change the world, one venue at a time. One club at a time.  And now one blog at a time.

Changing the world is part of the songs I sing, especially Pledge of Allegiance to the Planet. This song  brings loyalty to a new level: loyalty to our true home, country and nation…Planet Earth. This song is meant to change the thoughts of patriotism of all humanity. When that occurs we shall be closer to turning our weapons into plowshares, and eliminating the human habit of war.

Pledge of Allegiance to the Planet is found in PRODUCTS.

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