In Utero Clothing

January 10, 2002

fetusBrute Force Preparing the World for IN UTERO CLOTHING

Brute Force’s NEW PRODUCT
Clothing for the Unborn
A Brute Force(tm) Promotion
At last…
A connection between
the prebirth world of the fetus
and the fashion industry

Now Citizens of every country can be a part of this rapidly growing cottage industry by investing in IN UTERO CLOTHING, OR SIMPLY PURCHASING AN OUTFIT FOR AN UNBORN CHILD.

Advanced Modern obstetric surgical techniques allow manipulation of a fetus. Placement of clothing on a fetus is now possible.

Our designer is now creating a FULL FASHION line for the unborn. We’re starting with dayware for the 1st term fetus, playwear for the 2nd term and progressing to sexy nite, formalwear and clubgear for the 3rd term fetus. Cute caps a fav. Imagine mittens and doggie slippers on your unborn girl or boy. Our focus groups have responded favorably to have the birth of a baby in a disco outfit. We are calling the birth wardrobe “The Birthday Suit”.

All clothing will be extra-sanitized, according to the latest procedures.
Sent priority mail.


Obstetrical and medical arrangements are the responsibility of the parents. Clothing For The Unborn /Brute Force assumes no liability in the use of its products. Placing of clothing on one’s unborn is the choice of the parents. Parents assume all responsibility. We just make the in utero clothing, we don’t dress the fetus.

Clothing For The Unborn helps the newborn avoid the chill of the delivery room, and prepares the child for wearing clothes. Clothing For The Unborn prevents nudity becoming a habit by helping the unborn adjust to clothing.

Purchasing an In Utero garment is entirely the decision and responsibility of the parent/and or customer and the purchase of in utero clothing or investment in the in utero clothing project is an agreement by the customer and/or investor to forswear, to renounce and reject any legal remedy to recover from injury or loss in the use of in utero clothing. Anyone who buys and uses in utero clothing agrees not to sue anybody for anything.

An investment in this project will allow you to profit on the rather large human birth market. You can relax on your comfy sofa, watch TV, and take advantage of the sexual habits of the intense procreation process of humanity.

Investment schedule worked out on calculator.

Further inquiry about this quickly forming project, please email

Clothing For The Unborn is a Brute Force Promotion.

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Preparing the human race for in utero clothing.
Brute Force is the trademark of Stephen Friedland.