Resume and Casting Headshot

146 East 98th St. #2
New York, NY 10029


Height 5’10”, Caucasian, Hair Brown, Eyes Hazel, weight 185lbs,
waist 36, shirt 16 ½- 31, inseam 30.

Protégé of George Harrison. The song title, King of Fuh written by Brute Force, appears in George Harrison Living In The Material World, by Olivia Harrison and the Martin Scorsese biopic (same title) on HBO. The track of King of Fuh/Brute Force, produced by George, on Apple CD compilation, Come and Get It, The Best of Apple Records.

Interviewed in Strange Fruit, Prism Films documentary about Apple records.

A documentary, Brute Force, currently being produced by Razor Films, (Dir. Ben Steinbauer, Winnebago Man). 15 minute short of this doc screened at SxSW, Santa Barbara Int’l Film Festival, & thruout USA; Pop Montreal; Zagreb Film Festival; FIB, Spain.

Ghostbusters, Hare Krishna adherent; Sea of Love, Drunk; Imogene, Gambler; Kinsey, Socialite;

TV-A Schtick and a Dream, CBS/Mory Alter, Emmy Certificate; Law and Order; Person of Interest

Composer, Recording Artist, and Live Performance,
Theatre/Night Club

SxSW Music Festival with Daughter of Force, Starlight Music Festival,
King of Fuh, The Musical; Produce & play lead at The Players
Truck Music Festival, UK, with Misty’s Big Adventure 8 piece band
Host of The Players Variety, Laid Back, Salon Style Open Mic Nite
Actor’s Temple Purim Show; WFMU Radio Show 7 Second Delay,

I Brute Force, Confections of Love, Bar None/ Sony Entertainment CD
Extemporaneous, BT Puppy Records; Revola CD, UK
Adam and Evening, Warner Bros.Records
Nobody Knows, chart hit, Chiffons

Publicity Howard Wuelfing, Howlin’ Wolf, 215-428-9119

Plays piano and guitar, NY Drivers License, certified paralegal, certified NJ real estate salesman. Enjoys snorkeling, reading about the limitless universe, drinking green tea, Spring cleaning.