Blog #2

June 27, 2011

To summer-ize…Something’s missing.

The partay is over. New Year’s confetti is now disappearing in a landfill and the world is waiting for the next shoe to drop,
vis a vis the wars. Although night is still night. Day remains day. The sun is stubbornly resolute and constant. Oceans seem pretty full. Wind hasn’t died down. Rain persists in falling from above. Above, by the way, is still above. The Earth is being chewed up slowly, mine by mine, as block by block developers take time away from their next martini to package people in boxes of concrete and metal, and trumpet progress.

However, the small universe of bacteria really gave the New Year a pass. They just grew and almost held the progress of medical science in disdain as they become stronger. Now going to an emergency ward or staying overnight in a hospital has become an invitation to get a serious infection, at least enough to make the accounts receivable office smile.

Yet something is amiss. Something which I feel an obligation to relate, less we all go pell mell off a cliff or stay huddled in the corner of an attic, or wait on some line…not really cognizant of what is happening. And that thing which is amiss amidst all of this? Well, as we hear the news, read the newspaper, or the latest Internet News report, see the outrage on TV, we are missing something. That something is quite invisible and so it’s comforting in a way to know that we’re missing something but yet we can’t see what we’re missing. Yet one has to crawl out of bed in the morning, and peek through the venetian blinds. What does one see? Oh…it’s only the backyard!

To consider that all the progress, the hustle and bustle, the Election, the News, and of course the Ignorance that is the War and Cruelty, is occurring in our backyard, our Homeland Planet Earth, all at the same time that we are traveling thru space, is a worthy consideration. All this goes on as we hurtle and spin towards an unknown destination. And not even The Buddha, Allah, Hashem, Moses, Krishna, Mohammed, Jah, Jesus Christ, Zoroaster, Lao Tse, or Brahma, Reverend Al, Mayor Mike or all of the Nobel Peace Prize winners or losers ( might as well mention Britney), know the Unknown Destination toward which we travel.

Yet, that’s not the unsettling part of all this. It’s that this complete, idiotic, unconscious bloody mayhem continues after all the thousands and millions of years, all the time our kind has inhabited Earth, and continues in a relatively minuscule space, when comparing Earth to the size of the Universe. Kind of like having a rodeo in a comfy bed and breakfast.

It cries out for one to step back from all of this for just a moment or two, to step back and see one’s apartment or home, to step back and see the block where one lives, then to step back and see the state, and country, then stepping back further to see the planet, see the planet in one’s mind’s eye and then to fly back, away from the planet, to see our homeland Earth disappear into the black of space, then to realize that while not even seen the Earth is engulfed in madness… to travel with the mind beyond our solar system, our galaxy, and then to remember one is still at home in the kitchen, that the patina of aggression and madness is continually occurring, that you just hear a gunshot a few blocks away, that the Prince of Darkness has wed the Maiden of Light , and all of this goes on on a small, teensy bit of rock in an endless universe, while people profess to know answers, and all the time the cycles of cruelty upon cruelty are played out in ritual.

And that is what leaves one to feel that something is amiss.